Air Handler

Have you ever heard of an air handler?

An air handler is what circulates the air throughout all your vents. If you’re experiencing a lack of air coming out of your vents, but the air conditioner or heating system is running, you may have a problem with your air handler. If you’re experiencing a problem like this, it’s time to call Larson Heating, Air and Plumbing.

How does an air handler work?

Functionally an air handler is a large fan that’s responsible for pushing the treated air throughout your home. There are three types of heating and cooling systems that are typically used in the Springfield area and the air handler is located in different places on each.

• Split air conditioner and furnace – Traditionally the air conditioner is outside on the ground level and the air handler is part of the furnace.

• Split heat pump – With this system the cooled and heated air is produced by the split heat pump. The treated air is pushed by an air handler typically located in the attic.

• Packaged (rooftop) air conditioning and heating – In a packaged system the heating and cooling unit is tied in with the air handler as one rooftop unit.

A variable-speed air handler can save you money.

When any motor stops and starts, it’s an inefficient use of power. The same can be said about your air conditioner and heating systems as they cycle on and off and waste power. One solution to this problem is a variable-speed air handler that adjusts to speeds of air flow depending on your system’s needs.

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