Mini Split

Why use a mini-split air conditioning system?

Mini-split systems are small, quiet and operate without ducts. They’re also energy efficient and can be added just about anywhere. Mini-split systems are easy to install and allow for a more controlled room temperature in individual rooms. You can count on saving money with this type of unit too. Since there are no ducts, there’s no loss of conditioned air. Mini-splits are ideal for new additions, garages and bonus rooms above garages where heating and air systems have a hard time keeping up.

Larson Heating, Air and Plumbing is one of only a few companies in the Springfield area that offers geothermal. You may be wondering what geothermal is and why it should be considered as an option. Geothermal is a very efficient way to both heat and cool your home by utilizing the natural temperature of the earth below the frost line.