Types of Thermostats 

• Standard thermostat – This is a basic thermostat that’s controlled manually. It lacks the ability to program high and low use times to save money on your utility bill.

• Programmable thermostat – This type of thermostat lets you pre-program the times you’re home (or not), which allows your heating and cooling units to only run when necessary. Its effectiveness has been tested by Energy Star and it’s been estimated that programmable thermostats result in an average savings of $180 a year.

• Smart thermostat –  Technology has been advancing at a rapid rate and it’s revolutionized the thermostat as we know it. Now it’s possible to control your thermostat right from your phone, tablet or computer. You can now see in real time the current temperature in your house from any device, anywhere. Gone on a long trip and the weather changes drastically? You can now change the temperature in your house while on the road.

Trouble with your thermostat?

Many times problems with your air conditioner or furnace can be attributed to a faulty thermostat. Maybe it’s a loose connection or a bad wire that’s affecting your unit. Larson has trained technicians that are ready to troubleshoot any problem. Don’t forget to use the coupon for a free service call.

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